Gerda H System®
Enabling immediate Fire and Rescue access in critical situations with the unique Gerda® Key, carried by most UK Fire and Rescue Services

The Gerda H System offers high performance and security for the end user whilst still enabling immediate access for the Fire and Rescue Service through their unique Gerda One Key System®.

High security locks to safeguard areas of restricted access:

  • Electrical intake cupboards
  • Boiler rooms
  • Lift motor rooms
  • Roof hatches
  • Dry riser cabinets
  • Water tank rooms, providing immediate access to the Fire & Rescue Service with the unique Gerda® master key.

Specifying the correct type of security for areas of restricted access is about assessing the risks in the built environment and providing a product that will meet your requirements. At Gerda®, we recognise that these needs can be challenging and we work with our customers to provide a sustainable solution for the long term.

General information

For full specification please contact Gerda

Use Gerda H System® with
Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® System

Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® System

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