Gerda® Access Control Box (ACB)
Access Control Box (ACB) for Access Control Protection - High Security Grade

The Gerda® Access Control Box (ACB) is designed to protect the switch for access control on new build residential buildings and buildings where there has been major refurbishment taking place.   This is to facilitate Fire & Rescue Service access.

The ACB which protects the access control switch is accessed by the Fire & Rescue Service through the Gerda One Key® System. Once the switch is deactivated, access can be gained to the communal areas secured by electronic or electrical means

The ACB (Access Control Box) has been developed to protect the access control switch.  It is designed and extensively tested to provide a high level of physical security and uses Gerda’s key management technology. It encompasses the following features:

  • Enhanced security to the exacting standard STS205 level II (STS205 BR2)
  • Third party certified under the Exova BM Trada  Q Mark scheme
  • Immediate access for the Fire & Rescue Service through Gerda’s One Key® System
  • Recognised focal point – designed to the size / colour finish for attending fire crews to recognise, with photoluminescent signage in the event of smoke filled conditions
  • Spring mechanism capability if handle remove
  • No reliance on power or people being present

General information

“If unlawful free internal movement has been restricted via an access control system acting on dedicated external doorsets and any additional doorsets providing access to individual floors/landings then an electronic release must be incorporated within the system to allow the fire service free access to all of the communal areas of the building.”

Use Gerda® Access Control Box (ACB) with
Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® System

Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® System

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