With FIMA you’ll find a complete fire safety solution, with peace of mind that all products have been sufficiently tested and certified.

Gerda Barrier Gate™ Lock System

Access control

Keep your premises secure whilst also ensuring the Fire & Rescue service have access and the information they need in the event of an emergency.

SigTEL Desk Controller

Alert systems

Ensure your building is equipped to alert people when there is a fire, whether it’s an alarm system or mass notification.

Syncro AS

Control panels

Keep your systems up and running with control panels.

Evac+Chair 900H Power Battery Charger


Make sure that evacuation routes in your building are effective and safe for everyone.

Fibre-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)

Fire detection

Fire detection is an integral part of your building’s safety measures. 

Safer Homes Range ™ SHR EI30

Fire doors & accessories

A fire door can only remain compliant if its components are too so it’s important to purchase certified items.

Gerda Barrier Gate™ Lock System

Incident management

Facilitate the Fire & Rescue Service in the case of an emergency by providing easy access to key information.



Software can help you monitor the status of your systems efficiently and make it easier to troubleshoot if necessary.

Fire Door Survey

Surveys & assessments

Find out whether different elements of your building are safe and compliant, from fire door surveys to risk assessments.

Fire Safety Management Consultant

Training & qualifications

Keep up to date with knowledge in the industry and achieve recognised and trusted qualifications.

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