Gerda Barrier Gate™ Lock System
High security locking system to manage vehicular entry, providing immediate access to the Fire & Rescue Service with the unique Gerda® master key.

Ideal for Local Authorities, ALMOs and RSLs – affording improved access management for housing estates, parking areas, rural sites, etc.

  • Assists with Health & Safety Risk Management in reducing problems of fly-tipping and unauthorised access leading to to environmental and social benefits
  • Designed to prevent the key being removed when a gate is open – to avoid the problem of gates being left unlocked
  • Proven system with strict key registration process; trademarked keys only available through Gerda
  • Residents who pay for parking spaces have clear spaces available
  • Can be fitted to new or existing gates
  • Adopted by Housing Associations, ALMOs, Councils, RSLs & TMOs

General information

For full specification please contact Gerda

Use Gerda Barrier Gate™ Lock System with
Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® System

Premises Information Box™ (PIB)® System

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