Hush Pro Domestic Fire Alarm System
C-TEC’s revolutionary BS 5839-6 Grade C domestic fire detection and alarm system

Hush-Pro by C-TEC provides fully monitored BS 5839-6 Grade C compliant fire detection, alarm, silencing and test facilities in domestic dwellings such as flats and apartments. As well as putting residents firmly in control of their own fire systems by allowing them to test and silence devices whilst standing at floor level, multiple Hush-Pro systems can be interfaced to a landlord system in a tall building to help make stay-put safer.

When used to its full potential, Hush-Pro can report fires, faults and other system data outside dwellings for action and analysis and provide the fire & rescue service with manual evacuation controls. Visual alarms, voice sounders, cooker shut-off relays, door release interfaces, sprinkler monitoring interfaces, telecare systems, vent controllers and more can all be easily added to the system making Hush-Pro the perfect solution for all high-rise, mixed-use residential buildings and many other domestic dwellings.

  • Hush-Pro’s low-level controller and optional visual alarm devices facilitate full compliance with the Equality Act, no need to stand on a chair to test the system
  • Superior level of protection – Grade C (monitored wiring) over the typical Grade D (unmonitored) means residents and buildings are better protected. Table 2 of BS9991:2015 (fire safety in the design, management & use of residential buildings) recommends building protection
  • Reduced false alarms = less vandalism and fewer complaints from disturbed/angry residents
  • No engineer access to the dwellings is required to test the system (monthly occupant test is sufficient)
  • Low lifetime ownership costs (the 10 year device removal stipulation of many lower grade systems does not apply)
  • Environmentally friendly – Hush-Pro uses less plastic, less power and only one 72 hour standby battery for the entire dwelling
  • Break glass call point(s) and IP rated sounders available for use on properties with balconies and other outside areas as recommended in BS 9991
  • Options to trigger other systems outside of a dwelling such as security or warden call systems.
  • Hush-Pro’s separate fire detectors and sounders are less expensive to replace than Mains/Battery alarms. Only the Hush-Pro Controller requires a battery, which can last over 10 years.
  • Optional Fire Service Evacuation Facilities on integrated systems allows the fire and rescue services to securely evacuate dwellings if stay-put is compromised
  • Enhanced property protection reduces the risk of societal loss of homes and the need to re-house tenants following a fire
  • ENVISION ENABLED – Hush-Pro’s compatibility with C-TEC’s Cloud-based ENVISION software on integrated systems (e.g. a ZFP CAST Landlord system) allows the Building Safety Manager to demonstrate due diligence via a verifiable audit trail.

General information

Integrated Hush-Pro Systems are compatible with C-TEC’s secure Cloud based remote access, service & site management software package. Add an ‘IoT’ Gateway Hub to a C-TEC CAST powered landlord system to unlock a host of features perfect for installers, maintainers, end users, duty holders & building safety managers.

Want to check the status of a system from a remote location? Not a problem! Wherever you are, ENVISION allows you to generate powerful site-specific reports that can be scheduled to arrive on your desktop daily, weekly or monthly to help demonstrate due diligence via a verifiable audit trail. Want fires, faults, tests and other system notifications to be sent in real time to a PC or smart phone? Job done! There’s even a powerful graphics module that allows you to monitor the progress of a fire as it happens on a user-uploaded site plan. Want evidence that a dwelling’s monthly tests are being carried out? It’s all there at the touch of button.

In an era when failure to carry out your fire safety responsibilities properly can lead to litigation, ENVISION not only makes your job easier, it provides indisputable evidence that you are carrying out your mandated duties effectively.

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Use Hush Pro Domestic Fire Alarm System with
Hush Pro Domestic Fire Alarm System

Hush Pro Domestic Fire Alarm System

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