Hush ActiV Domestic Fire Alarm System
C-TEC's new stand-alone BS 5839-6 Grade C compliant residential fire detection and alarm system

Hush-ActiV is a new stand-alone BS 5839-6 Grade C compliant residential fire detection and alarm solution from C-TEC specifically designed to better protect people and property. Easy to install and fully monitored for detector removal, wiring, PSU and battery faults, it includes easily accessible HUSH and TEST buttons to facilitate full compliance with the Equality Act and offers substantial benefits for residents, installers, landlords and more.

  • A new Grade C domestic fire detection & alarm system to BS 5839-6 (2019) for use in individual flats, houses and apartments.
  • Supplied as a cost-effective kit for ease of specification.
  • Includes a Hush-ActiV central controller, a 230V/24V PSU, one ActiV heat detector, one ActiV smoke detector, one ActiV multi-sensor, three ActiV detector bases and an ActiV alarm sounder (additional ActiV devices available for larger systems).
  • Monitored for battery, power supply, detector removal & open/short circuit faults.
  • Low-level system controller facilitates compliance with the Equality Act.
  • Controller includes a replaceable 72 hour standby battery that lasts over 10 years in normal usage.
  • Can be used in any situation where Grade D Mains/Battery Alarms are specified.
  • Kits with a different mix of fire detectors also available.

General information

Hush-ActiV represents a major breakthrough in domestic fire alarm systems because:-

  • It’s safer – Hush-ActiV raises the typical level of fire protection in a dwelling from BS 5839-6 Grade D (unmonitored Mains/Battery Alarms) to Grade C (monitored wiring and a central controller)
  • It has easy-to-access user controls – the system’s low level controller means there’s no need to stand on a chair to Test or Silence devices
  • It’s monitored – All field wiring is monitored for open and short circuit faults and the system’s standby battery and PSU are also monitored for faults
  • It’s environmentally-friendly – Hush-ActiV offers a 50% reduction in the mains power consumption of a typical Grade D system, uses less plastic and requires only one replaceable lithium-ion battery per system
  • It has low lifetime ownership costs – the system’s separate fire detectors and sounders are less expensive to replace than Mains/Battery Alarms and all smoke detectors have built-in drift compensation to increase service life expectancy
  • It requires no intrusive BS 5839-1 maintenance visits – a monthly user/occupant test is sufficient
  • It can be used to upgrade a Grade D System with ease – Hush-ActiV utilises the same wiring scheme as most Mains/Battery Alarm solutions
  • It is less prone to false alarms – The EN54 design of its detectors make it less likely to false alarm

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Use Hush ActiV Domestic Fire Alarm System with
Hush ActiV Domestic Fire Alarm System

Hush ActiV Domestic Fire Alarm System

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