EVAC-ALERT Single Way Flat Interfaces
A loop-powered single way flat interface for use on a C-TEC EVAC-ALERT system
  • Can control one or more evacuation alert devices located inside a flat.
  • Reliable hard-wired technology.
  • Compatible with the self-test facility on C-TEC’s BF430/EA and BF433C/EA range of self-testing evacuation alert devices.
  • Provides one open & short circuit fault monitored conventional sounder circuit (faults are indicated on the CA736 and reported back to the host EVAC-ALERT panel).
  • Mounts on a standard UK 35mm double gang back box outside the flat for BS 8629 Clause 8 compliance.
  • 50mA alarm current – can power up to 8 evacuation alert sounders (most sites require only one alert sounder so this allows additional alert devices to be connected, e.g. for the hard of hearing).
  • Polling, Sounder Circuit Active and Input Fault indicators.
  • On-board short circuit loop isolator.
  • 4 Way Flat Interfaces with increased power options also available.

General information

EVAC-ALERT, C-TEC’s new BS 8629: 2019 compliant evacuation alert system, is specifically designed to assist the fire and rescue services in evacuating high-rise residential buildings in fire emergencies. British-built and comprising a range of evacuation alert panels, single and multi-way flat interface units, self-testing evacuation alert sounders and Equality Act-compliant visual indicators and vibrating pillow pads, EVAC-ALERT facilitates the safe and orderly evacuation of buildings containing flats.

Certified to all relevant EN54 product standards, EVAC-ALERT is powered by C-TEC’s CAST protocol and fully compatible with ENVISION, its powerful new cloud-based remote access data management software which can be used to provide duty holders with a verifiable audit trail of system activity and device testing.

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