EVAC-ALERT Evacuation Panels
EVAC-ALERT, C-TEC’s new BS 8629: 2019 compliant evacuation alert system

EVAC-ALERT, C-TEC’s new BS 8629: 2019 compliant evacuation alert system, is specifically designed to assist the fire and rescue services in evacuating high-rise residential buildings in fire emergencies. British-built and comprising a range of evacuation alert panels, single and multi-way flat interface units, self-testing evacuation alert sounders and Equality Act-compliant visual indicators and vibrating pillow pads, EVAC-ALERT facilitates the safe and orderly evacuation of buildings containing flats.

  • A BS 8629 compliant evacuation alert panel ideal for use by firefighters in high-rise residential buildings to evacuate the building in an emergency.
  • Supplied as a 2 loop 8 zone panel expandable to 48 zones & 4 loops using add-on parts.
  • Housed in robust vandal-resistant cabinet to STS 205 & EN 1303.
  • Bright LED indicators, easy-to-operate evacuation toggle switches & a concealed maintenance interface.
  • Firefighter controls FULLY compliant with BS 8629.
  • Reliable hard-wired technology.
  • Can be connected to self-testing evacuation alert sounders, visual indicators & vibrating pillow pads.
  • Powered by C-TEC’s powerful ‘CAST’ protocol & compatible with our ENVISION data management software.
  • Customisable ‘slide-in’ floor/zone labelling system.

General information

  • Powered by C-TEC’s powerful CAST open protocol technology
  • Comprises a comprehensive range of C-TEC UK manufactured evacuation alert panels supplied in robust GERDA manufactured vandal-resistant cabinets to STS 205 and EN 1303 as required by BS 8629
  • Manual controls allow firefighters to operate evacuation alert devices located inside flats on a zone by zone or floor by floor basis
  • Facilitates the safe and orderly evacuation of a building should Stay Put / Defend in Place fail or if the FRS cannot bring enough resources to an incident.
  • Multiple evacuation panels can be interconnected for larger installations and to reduce wiring costs
  • Wide range of flat interface units – single way and four way (extendable to 8 way) versions to accommodate new build and retro-fit installations
  • Multiple evacuation alert devices including self-testing 100dB sounders (allowing tests to be carried out by service personnel without having to enter flats), visual indicators and vibrating pillow pads for Equality Act compliance
  • ENVISION© Enabled – fully compatible with C-TEC’s dynamic cloud based data management software which can be used to provide duty holders with a verifiable audit trail of system activity & device testing
  • Utilises the same technology as a C-TEC simultaneous-evacuation system – if such a system is fitted as a temporary measure in a tower block with flammable cladding, it can easily be converted to an EVAC-ALERT system once the cladding has been removed – very cost-effectively!
  • Reliable hard-wired technology

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