ENVISION Fire IoT Remote Access, Monitoring & System Test Solution
C-TEC’s own Cloud based remote access, system monitoring & system test solution for use with its CAST ZFP, XFP, HUSH & EVAC-ALERT systems
  • Reports fires, faults, tests, etc., to PCs & smart devices for action/analysis.
  • Allows the progress of a fire to be monitored in real time.
  • Powerful graphics module allows the easy addition of interactive site plans.
  • One man walk test functionality (via Smart phone App).
  • Allows duty holders to demonstrate due diligence via a verifiable audit trail.
  • Allows service companies to schedule visits based on device contaminations, etc.
  • Powerful user configurable reports.
  • Optional SMS, push or email alerts for tests, fires, faults, etc.
  • All data encrypted & stored in an ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified data centre.
  • Requires 1 x ENV-HUB Fire IOT Access Hub per system (+ additional annual Cloud access subscription).

General information

ENVISION is a revolutionary new secure Cloud based remote access, service, test and site management software package from C-TEC.

Add an ENVISION ‘IoT’ Gateway Hub (order code ENV-HUB) to your C-TEC CAST fire detection and alarm system to unlock a host of powerful features that are perfect for installers, end users, duty holders, site managers, responsible persons and more.

Want to check the status of a CAST system from a remote location? Not a problem! Wherever you are in the world, ENVISION allows you to generate powerful site-specific reports that can be scheduled to arrive on your desktop daily, weekly or monthly to help demonstrate due diligence via a verifiable audit trail.

Want fires, faults, tests and other system notifications to be sent in real time to a PC, tablet or smart phone? Job done! There’s even a powerful graphics module that allows you to monitor the progress of a fire as it happens on a user- uploaded site map or building plan.

Want evidence that a client’s weekly BS 5839-1 user tests are being carried out? It’s all there at the touch of button.

ENVISION really comes into its own if you’re an installer or a service and maintenance company. Not only does it allow authorised personnel to interrogate a CAST system prior to visiting site to determine if there are any contaminated devices or other issues, ENVISION’s iOS and Android compatible Engineer App can save you masses of time and money.

Simply download the App, enter a site’s unique service PIN code and turn a two-man service job into a one-man service job. Not only will the App countdown the number of tests that need performing, successful and failed tests will be reported to your device and you will have the option to add comments or upload photos as required for inclusion in future client reports. No longer will you need to invent a complex verification system to prove that a device has been tested, thanks to ENVISION all the data you need will be available 24/7.

In an era when failure to carry out your fire safety responsibilities can leave you open to litigation, ENVISION not only makes your job easier, it provides indisputable evidence that you are carrying out your mandated duties effectively.


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