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Gentle FIRE Solutions is a consultancy that concentrates on managed fire safety solutions. Whether you are managing a large public space or a small community facility, ensuring that the processes and procedures are in place to deliver a safe solution is vital. Assessing fire risk and having equipment takes you part of the way. Understanding your vulnerabilities and managing your resources is essential if you are to deliver a fire safety strategy that works for your organisation. With years of experience in complex buildings with many types of occupancy, the aim is to deliver working solutions so that you can concentrate on your business with a degree of assurance that fire has been managed out of your risk profile.

Whether its is establishing policy, organising a governance process or developing bespoke training Gentle FIRE Solutions can help. Understanding how incidents have occurred is also vital in preventing further unwanted events. Here too, Gentle Fire Solutions can help. Experienced in incident management and qualified as an investigator and KelvinTOPSET instructor solutions can be delivered that secure a safer future for your company or organisation. Don’t put off managing your fire safety issues. Let Gentle FIRE Solutions show you how you can manage your fire risk and move forward with confidence whilst still having the support you need to remain confident. Gentle FRE Solution, making fire safety work for people.




MIFireE, FIFPO, Member of FPA

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Fire Safety Management Consultant

Fire Safety Management Consultant

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