Fire Safety Management Consultant
Making fire safety work for people
  • Assist businesses to identify the level of fire risk within their buildings. Help them to develop strategies to manage those risk via effective governance and procedures.
  • Development of management strategies to cover all aspects of fire related risk.
  • Develop and deliver training materials that will be specific to your business and be inclusive and relevant to your workforce. This may also include elements that relate to human behaviours and responses to fire related issues.
  • Analysis of incidents and the development of suitable actions using root cause principles

General information

Assessment of risk to comply with PAS 79, and thereby the requirements of Regulatory Reform [Fire Safety]Order 2005. Management strategies specific to your business and designed to let you keep your business working efficiently.

Experience of many different types of risk such as civil aviation, heavy industrial workshops, retail and catering, rail, control centre buildings and many other building and business usage. Basic fire safety training delivered should never be boring.

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